After weeks of tight-lipped politicians going in and out of coalition talks, the first specific bout of information concerning the agreement forged between the Democratic Party, the Greens, and the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party has leaked.

According to RTL's sources, the three coalition partners have come to a tentative settlement to slightly reduce kilometric allowances. The plenary has yet to approve the proposal though.

A kilometric allowance (indemnité kilométrique) is a type of flat-rate fiscal deduction which depends on the distance between your home and work. The maximum flat-rate deduction is €2,574 per year. It is yet unknown how much the parties would reduce this by.

The decision to reduce the kilometric allowance is already one tending towards an ecological point of view, as it would also provide less of an incentive to use your car.

The lower fiscal deduction would be a type of compensation for the state's budget, as the coalition partners have agreed on a second point: making public transport free.

This information also came from RTL's sources, who claim that all three parties have agreed to make public transport free for everyone. Both the DP and LSAP advocated free transport in their election manifestos. The Greens, on the other hand, did not support making public transport free outright in their manifesto, but appear to have conceded on that issue. In the Greens' manifesto, their solution to public transport was to make tariffs slightly cheaper.

The estimated cost of free public transport is approximately €30 million per year.

Currently, those under the age of 20 and students under the age of 30 can benefit from free public transport as well as people with reduced mobility.

The party line from the coalition partners is that nothing have been officially decided yet.