It's "The Dress" question all over again. Twitter users are discussing whether Jean-Claude Juncker was wearing two different coloured shoes.

In the video shown below, it seems that the President of the European Commission was wearing one brown and one black shoe. Not only Twitter users but also the international press are reporting on this. This new controversy follows Jean-Claude Juncker being in the news in July when sciatica led to people speculating about him being drunk.

This time it's not his health, but his shoes which cause an uproar.

In another video, right before the conference for the EU-South Africa summit took place, Jean-Claude Juncker is seen having a discussion with South African President President Cyril Ramphosa and the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk. Here both shoes look black. This could be due to better lighting in the room.

However the shoes were not the only talking point.

News outlets also wondered why Jean-Claude Juncker suddenly left the room right before the conference. It is speculated that the shoes might be the reason, but it's more probable that he was merely surprised by the fact that the conference was to be held in English and not in French as he expected.