The CSV has raised questions about Etienne Schneider's actions as minister for the economy, particularly relating to the Planetary Resources and Fage yoghurt factory files.

The CSV's Laurent Mosar has expressed his astonishment at how the government handled the Planetary Resources case. The law governing the National Credit and Investment Institution (SNCI) usually limits investment in foreign companies. Mosar stressed that the government had founded a SARL which the SNCI invested in in order to indirectly invest in the American space mining company Planetary Resources.

Mosar questioned whether Schneider had subverted the law in this case, highlighting that Schneider had never responded to the CSV's questions on Luxembourg's losses from investing in the company. This, Mosar explained, was a clear lack of respect to fellow political colleagues.

Etienne Schneider had already explained in August that Planetary Resources had financial issues and that the Luxembourgish authorities did not have access to their investment due to international nature. The CSV believes the government neglected to select the appropriate partner in this investment. Mosar stated that the government made a mistake to the tune of €13 million.
The likely-opposition party also took issue with Schneider's actions concerning selling land to the yoghurt producer Fage. Following Schneider's response to a parliamentary question, the CSV questioned how Schneider agreed to a sale price of €2 million per hectare. The party is subsequently calling for an independent evaluation of the transaction. Finally, Mosar questioned why the land was sold in the first place and why Schneider did not cite the surface right in rejecting the agreement, as the usual procedure dictates.