Bad news for all Belgian cross-border travellers: the roadworks on the E411 will continue until April 2019.

The initial end date for the roadworks was December 2018, but many people were sceptical that this end date would be adhered to.

Now it is official, the roadworks will in fact last well into 2019.

The roadworks between Arlon and Sterpenich are resurfacing the motorway surface as well as creating a third lane for those who opt in to car-sharing.

Sofico, the authority in charge of financing infrastructure projects in Wallonia, announced the news on Thursday.

In the announcement, Sofico explained that it will be impossible for construction workers to finalise works before winter conditions set in. As a result, the amended end date is April 2019.

Why is it the roadworks, which started on the 17 of September, are taking so long to finish? According to Sofico, the road has required additional repair works.

Although initially the construction workers expected to pour 10,000 square metres of concrete to improve the state of the road surface, they will now need to use 25,000 square metres of concrete.

Unfortunately for commuters, this means that travelling towards Luxembourg will remain a slow and difficult process for another six months.

Outside of rush hours, there will only be one lane open towards Luxembourg if the weather allows the workers to continue. In advers weather conditions, two lanes will be open with a reduced speed limit enforced.

From mid-December, road conditions towards Brussels will return to normal (120 kilometres per hour).