As preparations for the tram track extension continue, ten of the trees are currently being replanted in Aspelt while the rest are simply being cut down.

The trees along Avenue de la Liberté could not be re-planted on Monday evening due to technical issues. They were instead moved on Tuesday and have arrived at their new destination.

Preparatory work started last week, as some of the trees needed to be uprooted and replanted elsewhere.

© Olidom Multimedia

Ten cherry trees that used to stand between the former Arbed building and the Spuerkees on Avenue de la Liberté were replanted alongside a cycling lane in Aspelt. The tram line runs through parts of the city that are considered a UNESCO-protected area, which created the need to obtain UNESCO's approval. UNESCO has now said it satisfied with the LuxTram plans to build tram line going through Luxembourg City's UNESCO zone to Place de Paris.

A specialised firm from Bavaria had been called in to carry out the re-planting, but they had some trouble moving the trees. The ground around the trees was too dry—and hence rock hard. This made it too difficult for their machines to dig into the ground.

The re-planting started on Tuesday evening at 10pm and went on until 6am on Monday. The work started up again on Wednesday evening at 10pm.

Apart form the ten lucky cherry trees that will be moved to Aspelt, all other trees along Avenue de la Liberté will be cut down.

From the end of 2020, the tram tracks are expected to be extended in Luxembourg Gare. There will be no overhead lines, but 4 new stations.

As soon as construction work on Avenue de la Liberté has been finished, new trees will be planted along the avenue.