The legislative elections may have barely finished, but trade unions are preparing for the next elections: those for the Chamber of Employees.

The OGBL has launched its electoral campaign for the Chamber of Employees with demands for the financial sector.

According to the trade union, the financial sector has been particularly affected by increasing digitisation. The trade union highlighted that many employees in the sector work on laptops without a fixed workplace.

The issue with this digitisation is above all that smartphones have created an increase in employees' flexibility and availability, meaning that they sometimes respond to work queries late in the evening. Many of these employees do not strictly 'switch off'.

The OGBL has called for new collective agreements to limit the near-constant availability of employees. In this sense, Véronique Eischen of the OGBL refers to a "right to disconnect": the phenomenon of constantly being available by email must be limited to provide employees with a fairer work-life balance.

The other demands include the right to continuous professional development in order to keep up with new challenges in the industry.

The trade union did not provide any statistics on jobs being lost in the sector as well as social plans, but it is likely that the trade union is keeping this election material for press conferences at a later date.