The first post-election parliamentary session will take place on Tuesday at 2.30pm. Alternative Democratic Reform Party (ADR) MP Gast Gibéryen will preside over the swearing-in ceremony.

Gibérien will be assisted by the two youngest MPs: Sven Clement of the Luxembourg Pirate Party and François Benoy of the Greens.

Sticking to protocol, the first parliamentary session comes together to assess whether the election results were lawful.

The provisional president of the Chambre des Députés (Gibérien) and his two young assistants will draw lots and appoint seven politicians so a so-called "verification committee". The session will then be adjourned until the committee had checked whether any complaints against the election results were filed.

The parliamentary session will be opened in the name of the Grand Duke and the Prime Minister.

Eight new members of parliament will be sworn in on Tuesday. Viviane Reding, who was an MP between 1979 and 1989, will be sworn in again.

Some members of the current government will not be joining the swearing-in proceedings on Tuesday, because they didn't get enough votes: Lydia Mutsch (LSAP), Francine Closener (LSAP) and Marc Hansen (DP) didn't get a seat.

The first Chambre des Députés session as well as the swearing-in ceremony are open to the public. RTL Today will like a live stream to the Chamber TV channel.