Following the crash between a passenger van and a heavy goods vehicle between Reckange and Brouch, the police are calling for witnesses.

The N8 was closed Monday morning following a serious crash that involved a passenger van and a heavy goods lorry, seriously injuring two people. According to the police, it is yet to be determined why the two vehicles collided.

Four people were in the van when the crash occurred. Five people sustained injuries in the crash, with one individual dying due to the severity of their injuries.

One person is in hospital with life-threatening injuries and the other three are also severely injured.

The collision was so severe that the lorry skidded off the road and tipped over sideways.

The road was closed at around 8.30am and reopened at 1.30pm.

The police is calling for any witnesses to the severe accident to contact the Mersch police officer at +352 4997-9500.