The steering committee of the Democratic Party (DP) met in Hesperange to discuss the result of Sunday's election and talk about continuing the tripartite coalition government between the DP, the Greens and the Luxembourg Socialist Worker's Party (LSAP).

The DP was the last of the three coalition parties to convene for such a meeting on Monday evening. DP politicians came together at 6.30pm at the Nic Braun Centre in Hesperange.

However, it seems like very little still needed to be said as the first party members started to leave the meeting only 20 minutes after it began.

When Luxembourg City mayor Lydie Polfer left at 6.52pm she was fairly tight-lipped about what had been discussed, commenting only: "It is over and we have a great result." For further information, she told RTL to ask incumbent Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

Bettel left the venue only a couple of minutes later with a big smile on his face. He said that he and his DP colleagues had talked about the election results and that he had conveyed to his fellow DP politicians what he had been told by members of the other two coalition parties.

He also revealed that both he, as leading candidate for the Democratic Party, and Corinne Cahen, who is party president, had received the mandate to tell informant Martine Solovieff that all three coalition parties are in agreement to start the coalition talks for Gambia 2.0.

This statement by Bettel confirmed that there is a distinct possibility that Luxembourg might be heading towards another five years of a blue, red and green coalition government.

The talks with informant Martine Solovieff, who was appointed by Grand Duke Henri on Monday, are expected to be more of a formality. Bettel could be named as "formateur", in charge of forming the next government.

Bettel himself would like this to happen before the EU summit in Brussels towards the end of this week, which will include Brexit discussions.