While the Christian Social People's Party lost a few seats in the election, they are still the single party that got the most votes. However, they feel as though they are being pushed to the sidelines by a potential three-party coalition between the DP, Greens and LSAP.

The CSV national committee convened on Monday to talk about the election results. On Tuesday, the national council will meet and come to a decision on how to proceed from here.

The overriding feeling during the CSV national committee meeting was one of rejection by the so-called "Gambia coalition", which formed Luxembourg's government from 2013 to 2018. At the moment, it seems likely that the Democratic party, the Greens and the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party will once again form a coalition government.

CSV politician and MEP Frank Engel deemed it "regrettable" that the strongest party seems to be intentionally left out of the government formation process.

Engel stressed that it is important for the CSV to keep their eyes fixed on the goal right now, which is why all CSV party committees will undergo a revision in the coming weeks. Most posts could be reappointed in the near future, although this has more to do with statutes than with the results of the election.

Party president Marc Spautz agrees with this assessment. In theory he could extend his mandate, but as of Monday evening he was still hesitant to say whether he would do so.

Spautz told the press that they would have to wait until after the CSV national council meeting on Tuesday evening for more information on the position the party will take in the upcoming government formation process.

Claude Wiseler at the podium.

Fraction leader Claude Wiseler was similarly tight-lipped when asked about his political future.

CSV's Martine Hansen, who raked in the most votes in the northern constituency, was a bit more talkative. She revealed that she would be happy to take on more responsibilities within the party.

Serge Wilmes said that his party would have to be open to reform and admitted that the CSV is currently going through a tough time. Serge Wilmes believes that the party's window of opportunity to get into government has closed already and that an opposition position is now inevitable.