The atmosphere at the Atelier, election headquarters of the Greens, was electric on Sunday night.

Alongside the Pirate Party, the Greens were the biggest winners of the 2018 election. On Monday morning, the party unanimously decided to start coalition talks with the Democratic Party and the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party.

The Greens gained three seats on Sunday, bringing them to a total of nine. With the results in on Sunday evening, the tension vanished from the Greens' election headquarters and the atmosphere turned ecstatic.

Triumphant chants of "No one can evade the Greens!" could be heard from the Atelier stage on Sunday evening, which usually hosts DJs and musicians from across the globe. A very fitting location given the fact that the Greens definitely struck a chord with Luxembourg's electorate in the run-up to the 2018 election.

The overriding feeling of euphoria was still present on Monday morning when the party leaders met to discuss the results of the election. They were keen to point out that they party has a lot of young politicians in the second and third row, who are as excited and energised as the more established party leaders.

Similarly to the Pirate Party, the Greens seem to have appealed to the younger electorate in particular. Issues such as mobility, climate change and environmental protection are important to Luxembourg's millennial voters.

Coalition talks have been given the green light by all three parties, the DP, the LSAP and the Greens, and a "Gambia 2.0" coalition seems to be a very distinct possibility at the moment.