On Wednesday night, a driver tried to evade a police check and started a full-blown car chase, which ended—quite predictably—in a crash.

In Niederkorn, police had set up a checkpoint for speeding drivers in Rue de Pétange. It wasn't long before officers saw a car speeding past them at 83 km/h. The driver of the vehicle was asked to stop but ignored the officers' request and continued driving.

Several police officers set out in pursuit of the fleeing driver, who sped through several towns at speeds of up to 120 km/h. In Linger, the driver came to a sudden stop after he veered off Rue Jules Hemmer. He was catapulted over a tree in Rue de la Libération, struck a wall and finally ended up in a feeder pillar (power box).

© Police

© Police

Officers tried to help the driver out of his car, but he resisted their efforts, requiring them to restrain him. An alcohol test turned out positive. The man was given a ticket and banned from driving.

During the same police check, officers noticed another driver who was zig-zagging towards them. The driver turned out to be drunk and he also got a ticket and a driving ban.

Alcohol checks

On Wednesday afternoon from 4.30pm to 8.45pm, several alcohol checks were carried out on streets in and around Luxembourg City. Of the 228 drivers that were tested, two had had too much to drink. One of the two lost his driver's licence.