After the petition seeking the banning of smoking on terraces, here's a petition to continue it.

It's not every day that unhappy citizens address each other through battling public petitions. But nevertheless, since Tuesday morning, you can sign a petition to "preserve the right to smoke on restaurant terraces".

It's a rather obvious reaction, however to the petition recently formally accepted (see RTL Today story in links box below) by Luxembourg's parliament for a public debate after quickly reaching the required threshold

Its author says she wants to protect the Horesca (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés) sector. She describes terraces as "the only place where the business works despite the banning of smoking in restaurants".

In her text, the petitioner also denounces the legal provisions which have become according to her "increasingly discriminatory towards smokers."

Keep in mind that to force public debate, petition #1080 (see links box) must collect at least 4,500 signatures. If successful, the public debate about smoking on terraces take on a more serious tone.

A story to follow.