France' government recently made headlines when the use of smartphones at schools was officially forbidden for students under 15.

The purpose of our French neighbours' drastic measure? To reduce cyber-mobbing and help children concentrate at school.

In Luxembourg, it is officially forbidden to use a mobile phone during school hours, but schools are free to decide on how to implement this rule.

While some teachers ask their students to put all their smartphones in a designated corner of the classroom, others simply want them to keep the phones in their bags or pockets.

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According to Luxembourg's minister of education Claude Meisch, there is no need to toughen this rule. In his view, schools should not seek to create a world that does not reflect today's society. The complete prohibition of smartphones at school would be unrealistic.

As Claude Heiser, director of the Athénée secondary school, explains, smartphones also have inherently positive sides. Under the right circumstances, showing students how to use their phone to find relevant information can be pedagogical.