A TNS-Ilres poll published on Wednesday has revealed that nearly 44% of Luxembourg residents have already taken a ride on the tram.

In January 2018, shortly after the new service was launched, the figure stood at 28%.

The tram is slowly but surely experiencing an increase in popularity. While more and more people are adopting a favourable opinion, there is certainly still room for improvement.

Last week, sustainable development and infrastructure minister François Bausch gave a preview of the new TNS-Ilres study when he published some figures from the recent poll. On Wednesday, the complete study was published.

It revealed that 86% of people think that the tram is a "good idea".

While the idea of the tram has been embraced by Luxembourg's residents, only 27% of them have actually used the tram 1-3 times in the first couple of months of its existence. Only 2% use the service regularly, to get to work for example. 56% haven't used the service yet.

87% of people are happy with how often the tram is running. 92% said that they appreciate the comfort of the carriages, while an overwhelming 97% like the design and visual appeal of the tram. 90% are happy with the way the tram platforms have been built. 81% said that they would recommend the tram to their friends and family.

While these numbers sound very enthusiastic, fewer people like the way the tram connects to other services, such as the bus and train network. 57% are satisfied with the way the tram connects to the train service. For bus services, this number is at 64%.

It must be noted that the tram line is only partially complete, and such figures are likely to change.

Read the poll results in the TNS-Ilres study in the links box below.