The party presented six measures on Wednesday morning aimed at guaranteeing that rural areas are not disadvantaged.

The Greens announced another part of their manifesto today, focused narrowing the gap between rural and urban areas in Luxembourg. Fittingly, the announcement was made by candidates for the northern and eastern districts.

The crux of the manifesto set out by the Greens is to offer basic services in the more remote areas of Luxembourg. These services include accessible doctor's practices, which would be set up strategically to serve villages that are located close to each other, as well as more daycare centres for children in the northern and eastern parts of Luxembourg.

This involves collaborating with municipalities, who could offer premises for medical practices.

The party also hopes to introduce better and more efficient transport links in rural areas, including the introduction of a call bus and providing weekend and night services for rural areas.

Much of the party's manifesto focuses on municipalities offering more to their residents, such as purpose-built housing for renters. A further point in the manifesto is for jobs to become more localised and decentralised. To ensure this, the Greens hope to set up a fund to help the economic development of farmers and provide quality labels for local produce.