Luxembourg's water management authority (Administration de la gestion de l'eau) has announced Wednesday that swimming or any other water activity is once more banned at Haute-Sûre lake.

The presence of cyanobacteria, commonly known as blue algae, has led to a ban on coming into contact with the water at Haute-Sûre lake.  These bacteria can be a human health risk, but can also harm the lakes' other flora and fauna. The water is currently being tested.

Don't despair: the other official beaches at Weiswampach and the Remerschen ponds remain open for swimming.

For more information on the water quality, you can follow the link in the links box below (in French only).

Here are some recommendations from the water management authority:

  • Don't swim in Haute-Sûre lake and avoid any direct contact with the water (e.g. diving, water sports, fishing, etc.).
  • Don't let dogs or other domestic animals drink the lake water.
  • Don't consume fish caught in the lake.
  • If you experience any health problems after swimming, please see your doctor and mention any contact with toxic cyanobacteria.

The administration adds that "there exists no risk in consuming potable water drawn from Haute-Sûre lake, as the water is taken from deep water (25m) where the concentration of cyanobacteria is very low. Also, the water treatment system used by the Haute-Sûre lake dam organisation—Syndicat des eaux du barrage d'Esch-sur-Sûre (SEBES)—makes it possible to effectively eliminate the cyanobacteria's toxins."