Sending election ballots by post are now simpler than ever ahead of the October polls

Voters who can't attend a polling booth on the actual day of the election, or who just prefer want to send their ballot by post no longer have to physically go to electoral offices for the 14 October elections.

Some communes, Luxembourg-city being one example, have already added information on their websites. One major change in this year’s elections consists in not having to have a specific reason for not being physically present at electoral offices on the 14th of October.

Everyone can now take advantage of this option without having to justify their choice.


Requests can be made from Monday 23 July and the deadline to do this depends on the individuals’ place of residence:

-       4 September if the person if residing abroad

-       19 September if residing in Luxembourg

Requests can be sent online via or by sending a letter to the respective city hall. Plenty of communes offer the option of downloading the necessary form online.

Voters residing outside of Luxembourg must include a copy of their passport with their request, which will allow the commune to check their identity in order to find out whether the voter is enrolled in the correct voting list. Ballot papers will then be send to the different addresses.

About 50,000 postal ballots expected 

Communes will be able to send those out until the 12 September for voters living abroad and 29 September for those living in Luxembourg. It is the voter’s responsibility to ensure the arrival of the letter at electoral offices at 2.00pm on election day at the latest.

Up until now, 30000 individuals opted for postal vote, a number which is estimated to rise to 50000 for the next elections.

Compulsory voting 

Keep in mind that voting remains mandatory. Those who fail to do so will be fined, and the the sanction will be more serious for repeated offences.

Voters who, at the moment of the elections, live in a commune different from the one they were asked to vote in, and voters over 75 years of age are excused from having to present themselves to a polling booth.