Rock star and humanitarian Bob Geldof was in Luxembourg as the star guest at a conference titled "What can the finance sector do for a better society?", organised by SGG, a financial services provision group located in Luxembourg's Gare area.

The political activist and former member of the Irish rock band "The Boomtown Rats" is known for his activism and for being a founder of Live Aid, an ongoing music-based fundraising initiative raising money for Ethiopian famine relief.

In an interview with RTL, Geldof stated that the finance sector should not close its eyes to poverty, especially not when it comes to Africa.

Geldof shed light on the plight of Africans, saying that the poverty-stricken continent is only about eight miles away from the richest continent in the world: Europe. He agrees with German chancellor Angela Merkel that a plan for helping the continent should be worked out, and trade between Europe and Africa should be encouraged.

A number of prominent people from the finance sector were invited to the conference.

Below we have some extracts from an RTL interview with Geldof.

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