RTL contributor John-Paul Gomez was a witness to the parental kidnapping of a 7-year-old boy by his father that led to an Amber Alert this morning and even attempted to give chase.

Gomez said he was driving to work along Rue de Rollingergrund this morning. As he passed the Ecole de Rollingergrund school, he saw a couple who appeared to be fighting in the middle of the street. He stopped to ask the woman whether she needed help. The woman told him that the man had kidnapped a child. Gomez said he looked toward the nearby dark grey Honda, where he saw a young boy in the passenger seat whom he later said, after seeing the Amber Alert pictures, was the same boy.

AUDIO: Interview John-Paul Gomez

At this point, the man jumped into his car and drove off rapidly down the street. Gomez, still in his car, decided to give chase.

Planned to follow

He followed the car through traffic along Rue de Rollingergrund — Gomez said his intention was to see where the man went and await police. Unfortunately, he lost the car after turning onto Route d'Arlon when a bus suddenly pulled out into traffic ahead of him near the stadium.

Gomez told RTL that he repeatedly tried to get through to the police but was only able to do so on his third try, when the kidnapper had gotten away. Each time he had been put on hold for a long time.

After stopping, Gomez thought that the bus driver might be able to help him, but the bus driver declined saying he had passengers to transport.

After losing the car, Gomez was able to speak to the police, and he explained what he'd seen.

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