A Luxembourger suspected of having links with the banned terrorist organisation called Islamic State (IS) was arrested last Wednesday.

The man, suspected of playing a role in IS propaganda, was held on remand, the Luxembourg prosecutor's office announced on Sunday.

The detainee, of Luxembourg nationality, is "suspected of being involved in the dissemination of messages and propaganda material for the Daesh (Arabic language acronym) terrorist group", declared the prosecutor's office in a press release.

This is the first arrest in a case involving the IS in Luxembourg, according to a judicial source.

"The investigation has been running for a while," said the source, without answering whether the suspect was known or not to Luxembourg's law enforcement.

The charges applied are not connected "concretely to the preparation of attacks," added the same source.

The suspect was held on remand Wednesday night after a raid, the previous day, of the Luxembourg City apartment home of a couple in their 20s.

"During the raid—which was carried out in close cooperation with the anti-terrorist cell (CAT) and with the support of special units of the Luxembourg Police—computer materials were seized, and are being examined," according to the prosecutor's office.

Luxembourg has not played much of a role in jihadist events even though it has been the source of a handful of people leaving for Syria.

The most well-known case is that of Steve Duarte, a 29-year-old Luxembourger of Portuguese origin and a former rapper who converted to Islam. He joined the ranks of IS in 2014, according to press reports.

RTL with AFP