On Saturday, some children were injured by the much-discussed oak processionary moth caterpillars at "Parc Le'h Adventures" in Dudelange when the park should have been cleared of the moths.

Five days ago, Dudelange city hall was alerted by directly-affected citizens of the presence of "oak processionary" moth caterpillars in Park Le'h. These people were suffering from skin irritations. City hall reacted immediately by evacuating the Waldschoul school located in the park, which also contains an adventure climbing park. The information was relayed to "Park Le'h Adventures", according to Lora Spina, the deputy mayor.

Information forwarded

"We immediately told the operator that there was a risk for humans and animals." The operator should have taken this very seriously. The civic government was not able to hire a service provider to immediately deal with the situation, but was only able to hire one who could go to the site on Tuesday. This is what the town authorities explained to the operator, who acted according to what he thought were his responsibilities, said Spina.

Not all of the nests were removed

On Tuesday, a specialist firm will go to Parc Le'h to sort out the problem, as park staff have no yet been able to get rid of all of the nests. On this point there is agreement between the town authorities and the operator of the "Park Le'h Adventures".

"The first emails, which reported that many children were suffering from skin irritations and had to go to the hospital, arrived during the evening," said Parc Le'h Adventures director Gilles Franck on Saturday. "Obviously when you go to the hospital with your child, which is what you do when you don't know what it is, when he or she gets such serious bite or red marks, the child get a cortisone injection. That's normal and what works best. Then, a histamine cream should be used and inflammation goes away relatively quickly."

Park closed until next week?

According to the "Park Le'h Adventures" director Franck, the park could remain closed until the end of next week, depending on what happens.