The right to medical care is not always guaranteed, even in wealthy Luxembourg, says a French medical NGO.

The number of vulnerable people in Luxembourg is rising, according to Médecins du Monde, a French medical NGO. Last year, 784 people received medical care in their facilities in Bonnevoie and Esch-sur-Alzette, 160 more than in 2016.

Medical consultation way up

A higher number of medical consultations were also recorded. A staggering 900 additional consultations took place in 2017, said vice-president Marc Gerges. He said those figures, along with the number of new patients, is an alarming sign.

Gerges added that a lot more people could potentially not be receiving adequate coverage, but they haven't sought the help provided by Médecins du Monde so far.

No public health insurance

Most of the patients at Médecins du Monde are homeless or don't have access to public health insurance (CNS), because they are not registered in Luxembourg.

However, more and more people who are living and working in Luxembourg, but who simply don't have enough money at the end of the month to cover medical expenses, are also coming to Médecins du Monde centres.

Universal healthcare the goal

Médecins du Monde's goal is clear: Universal healthcare for everyone.

Médecins du Monde president Dr. Jean Bottu stated that the organisation intends to jump on the electoral bandwagon, in order to draw more attention to their cause.

Political parties supportive

Médecins du Monde are currently in contact with several political parties and were well received by all, according to Bottu.

The organisation is active around the globe. Currently, a number of volunteers are treating those injured in Monday's deadly violence on the Gaza strip.