A child was seriously injured after being hit by a car in Pétange on Monday evening, according to emergency services.

According to what we've learned, the incident took place a little after 7pm in rue Pierre Grégoire in Pétange. A car ran over and seriously injured a child.

The police have reported that the accident occurred when a motorist suddenly slowed at a pedestrian crossing where some children were crossing. The motorist who was behind was unable to stop in time, so decided to overtake the stationary car and had failed to see the children on the crossing. With little to no time to brake on the crossing, his vehicle struck the child.

The on-site emergency doctor found after an initial examination that the child was stable.

The child was taken for further examination at the children's hospital and spent the night under observation.

An ambulance, the Bascharage and Pétange firefighters, the SAMU emergency medical service and the police all attended the injury site.