Luxembourg police are in shock after the death of their colleague Saturday in a car crash, but they are receiving significant public support.

It was a dramatic weekend for the grand-ducal police. After a tragic incident claimed the life of police officer Yasmine Grisius nearly three years ago, another officer died on duty last weekend.

This time, five police men and women were involved. One of them tragically died at the scene, after a drunk driver tried to evade a standard police check. The drunk fled the scene, leading police officers to give chase. A policewoman, who was sitting in the car next to the now-deceased policeman at the time of the incident, is still in critical condition three days after the deadly collision. The other three officers, who were also involved in the accident, only suffered light injuries.

Public support for Luxembourg's police officers after the tragic accident has been overwhelming. On social media, hundreds of people expressed their condolences to those most affected by the incident. In a public show of sympathy towards the men and women serving in Luxembourg's police force, a lot of people chose to update their profile picture to include the so-called "Thin Blue Line". The line symbolises solidarity with police officers, as well as commemorating officers who died on duty, in service of the country and all those living in it.

In the last 40 years, 8 policemen and policewomen have died doing their job.

Yasmine Grisius, a 39-year-old policewoman, died on 5 June 2015 in an incident eerily similar to the one that occurred last weekend. In a standard traffic check in Dippach, officers were busy checking the lights of a car at the front of the traffic control line. A drunk driver towards the back of the line got restless and decided to make a run for it, fatally injuring Grisius, a policewoman and mother, in the process. Soon after the tragic accident, she succumbed to her injuries in the Esch-sur-Alzette hospital.