Cinema enthusiasts be reassured: Luxembourg-city's "Cinémathèque" has finally exterminated the bed bugs and will reopen its doors on 20 April.

The unwanted insects were detected in one of the cinema's rooms a month ago. The municipal administration has now indicated that the vermin was eliminated in an appropriate manner.

In an official release, they explained that "the entire room has been subjected to a heat treatment (dry 60°C heat), which is the most effective process to ensure the complete elimination of all bed bugs, no matter their developmental stage." This method does not require the use of insecticide. They added that a sniffer dog, specialised in bed bug detection, confirmed the sanitation's success.

The initial deadline was thus respected: on 20 March, the municipal administration had announced that the Cinémathèque would reopen a month later.

Only a few months ago in neighbouring Lorraine, Kinepolis Thionville similarly had to close a number of rooms several times in order to eradicate bed bugs.

Special film screenings

The Cinémathèque resumes its projections according to their April schedule. During Friday night's reopening session, visitors can watch Billy Wilder's 1961 classic "One, Two, Three" at 6.30pm as well as Ernst Lubitsch's "To Be or Not to Be" at 8.30pm.