Luxembourg police are looking for Cihan Guzel, one of the armed robbers who tried to break in to the G4S headquarters in Gasperich in April 2013.

A Luxembourg appeal court sentenced Guzel to 22 years in prison in January for his role in the attack on the G4S security service company.

Guzel, who has Belgian and Turkish nationality, was set free during his trials (both general and appeal hearings). He was supposed to present himself to Luxembourg authorities at the end of January after his appeal was rejected, but, according to the prosecutor, did not.

Guzel and two other men used explosives and military assault rifles in an attempt to break into the hardened G4S building.

The attackers were forced to abandon their assault after failing to gain entry before police began to respond. They took off with police cruisers in hot pursuit, and numerous shots were fired from fast-moving vehicles.  Investigators were later able to identify 85 separate shots coming from the attackers' Kalashnikov assault rifles.

The attackers fled towards Belgium. They were arrested there before being extradited to Luxembourg. The attorney-general's office (Bureau du Procureur général) had issued a European arrest warrant,

Grand-ducal police say in their bulletin that Guzel "recently lived in Belgium".

Two of his accomplices, also sentenced to 22 years, are in prison in Luxembourg's Schrassig penitentiary.

Europol has classified Guzel as one of Europe's most wanted fugitives.