In the Baltic countries, international troops are stationed in order to reassure partners and as a show of force to Russia.

The Baltic countries are the space where Russia and the Ukraine are at risk of succumbing to military combat. Poland is not that far away either, leading to a general unease.

The goal of the multinational Enhanced Forward Presence mission here is to reassure those countries under the wing of the NATO and establish a presence. Luxembourger and German soldiers are stationed there together, under German leadership, explains LSAP MP Marc Angel. Some 28 Luxembourg soldiers are in Lithuania because of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

As the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has not yet solved, the mission has been extended. This is by no means a rejection of dialogue with Russia. The partnership countries simply need reassurance.

The Luxembourg army is in Lithuania with their Dingo 2 type vehicles, which are optimal in terms of reconnaissance. Luxembourg is orchestrating the deterrence manoeuvre in Lithuania in partnership with NATO, explains centre-right CSV MP Jean-Marie Halsdorf, who said he hopes that the area will continue to be peaceful.

It is a passive presence under German leadership which makes a strong ‘We are here’ statement. As it is not an offensive, but a demonstrative presence, Halsdorf does not see any danger of Luxembourg soldiers being entangled in a military conflict.

The NATO Enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group contains Belgian, French, Croatian, Dutch and Norwegian forces in addition to the Luxembourg and German allies, all of which are stationed on a rotating basis.