The group of Luxembourgish magistrates has appealed to national politicians and the Court of Human Rights to intervene in the case of Murat Arslan, a Turkish judge sentenced to ten years in prison.

The judge was sentenced to ten years on Friday for "participation to a terrorist organisation", based on an anonymous denunciation.

On Thursday, a press release on behalf of the Groupement des magistrates luxembourgeois (GML) has condemned the ruling, claiming it was unfounded.

As a consequence, the group has called for national and European politicians to intervene with the Turkish authorities to free the political prisoner Arslan. The magistrates have also called for the Court of Human Rights to be involved.

Citing the fact that Arslan was the 2017 recipient of the Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize awarded by the European Council, the group has strongly urged for politicians to intervene on behalf of Arslan.

Arslan was arrested following the unsuccessful coup in 2016 and sentenced on Friday.