The D'Association des Cercles d'Étudiants Luxembourgeois (ACEL) had their general assembly on Wednesday afternoon in Belval.

Most students at universities abroad come back to Luxembourg over the holidays.

In order to fill up their funds, a lot of student balls take place around this time of the year. One of them is the Zurich Ball, which was first organised in 1960 and took place at the Luxexpo on Christmas Day this year.

On Wednesday, the student association ACEL came together for their general assembly.

Pol Lutgen, who has been heading the ACEL association for the past 12 months, is satisfied with the association's achievements this year. Pascal Thinnes will be taking over from Lutgen for the next 12 months.

One of ACEL's major achievements this year is the new internship law, which students helped define. However, ACEL would like to see further changes allowing students to take an internship between their Bachelor and Master studies as well.

Currently, students are only allowed to take an internship if they are actively enrolled at a university. New ACEL president Thinnes plans to bring this issue up to politicians, above all minister Dan Kersch.

Traditional events, such as the annual student ball with almost 4,000 guests and the "student for one day" event, in which 345 pupils took part, were some of ACEL's biggest successes in the year 2018. The "student for one day" event will be further expanded next year, adding six new universities to the programme.

Lutgen advised his successor Pascal Thinnes that his new job requires a lot of patience. During the general assembly on Wednesday afternoon, students from Luxembourg at the University of Miami were welcomed into the ACEL fold.

This weekend, the ACEL will also hold their traditional “Tournoi de Noël” (Santa tournament), and the organisation celebrates its 35th anniversary.