The product is being recalled because several allergens are not mentioned on the packaging. For people without allergies, the product is wholly non-hazardous. The product was sold at Delhaize.

Usually, the "Bugles" crisps contain neither soy, celery, mustard, milk nor lactose. But these ingredients were detected in the batch concerned at the factory, possibly due to cross-contamination. But the product labelling was not updated to reflect their presence.

The product has been taken off the shelves, but some of the crisps have already been sold. To make sure that people with allergies don't suffer adverse reaction towards the product, it is now being recalled. People without allergies however can safely consume the product.

Lay's Bugles Original 125g
Best before date: 22/12/2018
Lot 22.12.18, NLB 6A 305 229, 21:10 S700