During the night from Monday to Tuesday, several key-less cars were stolen across Luxembourg.

In Rue Principale in Cruchten, a black BMW X5 M50d with Luxembourgish licence plates (TM1226) was stolen.

A couple of valuable SUVs parked in front of homes and garages were also stolen. The models BMW X5M and BMW X6 were targeted the most, since they have the key-less system.

The criminals have managed to replicate the keys' wireless signals remotely and can then imitate the signal and use it to unlock the car and start the engine.

The police advise people with wireless/key-less cars not to leave their keys lying around where they might have their frequency intercepted, such as close to the front door. It is suggested to place the keys in a box that blocks radio waves getting through the casing.

Wrapping the key in tinfoil can also help, although this method isn't 100% secure.

Parking cars in garages instead of leaving them on the street outside would be another preventative measure, though that is easier said than done in Luxembourg's sparse parking situation.

For more information of the key-less system, visit this police webpage.