Luxembourg railway operator CFL is currently refurbishing the railway line towards Kleinbettingen, including by replacing overhead power lines and switches.

The summer holidays and the consequently lower-density traffic is a good time for CFL to move ahead with works on their railway lines.

The section that links the capital to Kleinbettingen, before continuing towards Arlon and beyond, is therefore closed from mid-July to 16 September in order to replace the overhead catenary power lines and install new cabling.

With these works, this line will now use alternating current (AC), after being the only line in Luxembourg to function on direct current (DC) in order to be compatible with Belgium, notes engineer Fred Shiltz.

Trains arriving from Arlon which stop at Luxembourg's central train station could, until now, only make use of certain platforms that were equipped to supply DC power.

With this change, they will now be able to make use of all of the platforms, which will make platform allocation more flexible.

Additionally, a few rails and six switches will be replaced during the restoration work.