A man broke into the living room of a house in Esch and escaped through the garden when he was found, without stealing anything.

It is unclear for what purpose he broke into the house, located on rue de l 'Hôpital in Esch, on Wednesday around 4.00pm.  He was found in the living room of the house which he had just broken into through the terrace door. As soon as he was found, he fled via the garden towards the cemetery. The police has launched a wanted persons notice.

The man in question is around 1.65m tall, is of a slim frame, has short black hair, a mustache, and was wearing a red sweater along with a black bag at the time of the incident.

Second home intrusion

Also in Esch-sur-Alzette, another woman experienced a big fright as she was coming out of her bathroom. She found herself face-to-face with a man who entered the flat, located on rue du Fossé, through an open window.

The woman’s partner went after the intruder, who escaped through a door at the back of the building.

This man is also being looked for by the police; he is of a slim build, has olive skin complexion, and was wearing an earring, a red baseball cap, and a pair of khaki sweatpants.