A young woman was sentenced to eight years behind bars by the Luxembourg City court of appeals on Wednesday afternoon, after being charged with having orchestrated and carried out a large number of burglaries.

In the appeal hearing, her sentence was reduced from the lower court sentence of 10 years behind bars. However, she was also ordered to pay €8,500 in damages.

Between October 2013 and September 2014, she broke in to other people's properties. The thief's main stomping ground was the west of Luxembourg, but she was also known to be active in the centre and in the south of the country.

A particularly brutal home invasion occurred in September 2014, when the criminals hit and threatened home owners with a weapon in Eischen before running off with their jewels.

Last year, the young woman was charged, along with two of her accomplices.

The two main culprits are still biding their time in a Belgian prison, but court proceedings against them here in Luxembourg are set to start as soon as they get out of prison.