In more than 98% of cases, parents and teachers agreed on the best choice for the children.

About 39% of primary school children will go to ‘Classique’, 49% will make the switch to ‘Secondaire général’ (which used to be called ‘Technique’), and 12% will go to ‘Préparatoire’.

Classique aims to prepare pupils for higher education, with a focus on humanities, mathematics and natural sciences. While also enabling access to higher education, Secondaire général is aimed more at preparing students for working life. Préparatoire is aimed at those students who are not quite ready to proceed to Classique or Secondaire général.

Official Statement

The official statement by the ministry for education states that 5,094 children haven been cleared to join the secondary education system. The results of the orientation procedure are more or less stable with regards to the previous years, and the percentage of cases where parents and teachers agreed was much higher (98.2% in 2018 compared to 84% in 2017).