Good morning everyone. It's Saturday 14 July and the weather will be warm and fairly sunny.

Much like yesterday, Meteolux predicts that today will be partially cloud with light showers in the afternoon. However, it appears the sky has once again decided to surprise us with a change of heart! The forecast is now for sun in the morning, with some scattered clouds in the afternoon.

Morning temperatures will stay between 16 and 18 °C, while the afternoon brings with it a slightly warmer than yesterday temperature of around  27-29 °C. In the evening, it's expected to drop to between 14 and 16 °C.


Police have announced six traffic checks today.

In the morning:

  • rue d'Esch in Ehlerange,

In the afternoon:
  • rue d'Ettelbruck in Moesdorf.
And in the evening:

  • boulevard Konrad Adenauer in Luxembourg, 
  • route Principale in Mertzig, 
  • route de Longwy in Schouweiler, 
  • on the N10 between Steinheim and Wasserbillig. 

We hope you have a fantastic start to the weekend, and drive safely!

Get your local weather forecast from our weather page. For more information on traffic in the Grand Duchy, visit our traffic page, which includes motorway webcams.

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