Police had to intervene on Wednesday when the workers union OGBL attempted to prevent staff from other nursing homes, who had been called in to help, from entering the building.

The situation in the care sector is escalating, in particular at the nursing home "an de Wisen" in Bettembourg.

COPAS, the sector’s umbrella organisation, asked people from other nursing homes to step in and take on some of the work that needed to be done. The OGBL however did not want to let them enter the building. Police had to intervene. Nora Back (OGBL) claims that COPAS’s actions are illegal.

Nora Back: Marc Fischbach, President of COPAS, (…) signs a letter calling on the management of other nursing homes to act illegally and to send staff from their own homes in order to replace those workers who are on strike. It’s a scandal, it’s a violation of the right to strike (…).

Netti Klein, secretary general of COPAS, disagrees. None of this is illegal, she said, calling on sub-contractor for help and solidarity among workers is nothing illegal.

Netti Klein: (…) Calling on people to show solidarity is not illegal. (…) The labour code doesn’t say that it’s illegal to call on sub-contractors during a strike. (…) 

Meanwhile, the communist party KPL has published a press release criticising the police for using force to help the strike-breakers enter the building. The KPL also demands that the minister of economy Etienne Schneider remind Sodexo to respect the law and to pay salaries as prescribed by law.