Without a sector-specific plan for industrial or commercial activity areas, it’s unlikely that new companies will be able to set up in Luxembourg.

This is according to economy minister Etienne Schneider, who was presenting a mid-term review of the new strategy for promoting the economy. Companies who had expressed interest in moving operations to Luxembourg including Knauf, Fage and Google were also discussed.

Knauf, which produces insulating materials, had considered investing in Luxembourg before choosing instead to invest in France. The municipalities of Sanem and Differdange had expressed strong opposition to the project. According to Schneider, the deciding factor here was the availability of land. The 15-hectare plot in Sanem was the last available option.

The sector-specific plans, presented at the end of April, contain a total of 477 hectares for industrial or commercial activity areas. This is less than the 600 hectares put forward in 2014.

© RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg / Laurent Weber