The administrations of several Luxembourg high schools (lycée) have threatened teachers and put them under enormous pressure, according to the SEW teacher's trade union.

The teacher's trade union recounted illegal and unpaid overtime hours as well as bad management. Jules Barthel of SEW said that in some cases, teachers are being "bullied" by their administrations.

Face the consequences

At the moment, a number of high school administrations are making decisions without seriously discussing them with their staff. This has put teachers in a situation where they feel they need to either fall into line with the administration or face the consequences. The situation has apparently become so dire that several teachers have needed to employ lawyers to ensure that their rights are being respected.

According to SEW, some high school directors have lost their focus on educational measures and instead run their schools like businesses. Today, high schools are more autonomous than ever and the competition between the schools does nothing to ameliorate the issue.

Dysfunctional communication

Barthel points out that this of course is not true for every high school. So far, they know of five schools with dysfunctional communication between their administrations and staff. SEW refused to name the affected schools.

According to SEW, the ministry for education doesn't listen enough to teachers. The ministry is aware of the issue but so far they have yet to react, Barthel says.

Need formal notification

The ministry responded to Barthel's claims by saying that the SEW would need to inform the ministry about these issues, so that they can react and discuss the problems at hand. After an evaluation, the ministry would then take the appropriate measures and assist teachers in ensuring that their rights are being respected.

The ministry says that they are working closely with SEW and that the individual files are being handled with the utmost transparency. Lex Folscheid from the education ministry said that the government will address the issue in an upcoming meeting with SEW.