MPs voted on legislation concerning protective rights for animals on Wednesday. Here are the main measures that will be written into the law.

1. Needless killing or making animals suffer ban

The legislate text bans anyone from killing animals unnecessarily or needlessly as well as bans people from making animals suffer and cruelty through torture.

2. Providing injured animals with relief

In addition to banning suffering or killing without purpose, article 1 also clarifies the necessity of providing injured or suffering animals with assistance and relief as far as it is possible, it is required to seek veterinary help.

3. Mandatory stunning

Killing animals is only permitted after they have been stunned. This is meant for farming means rather than hunting or fishing.

4. Banning the killing of animals for "purely economic reasons"

Some breeders have decided to kill male chickens in order to only keep females as laying hens. The law now prohibits this practice of killing animals for "exclusively economic reasons".

This also concerns male calves.

The law also has a catalogue of fines and sanctions. The strongest punishments, which range up to fines of €200,000 and three years in prison, are meant for those who act cruelly in regards to animals or who do not respect the law in regards to mandatory stunning before killing.