Hello everyone, it's Thursday 24 May and it's a very cloudy morning with some possible storms on the way later in the day.

Meteolux is forecasting afternoon moderate showers as well as isolated storms until the early evening. The Luxembourg weather information provider points out that in case of storms, there could be significant rainfall in some locations. Winds will pick up, with gusts of wind at 30 to 40 km/h expected. In areas across the borders, the gusts could reach 50 km/h.

By night-time, the winds will die down but there will be low clouds and fog in certain areas.

In terms of temperatures, in the morning the mercury will range between 13 and 15 °C. By the afternoon, it will warm up to between 20 and 22 °C. By the evening, it should fall to between 12 and 14 °C.

Police road checks

Luxembourg's police have told us that speed checks will be carried out in the following six locations.

  • rue d'Oetrange in Canach (am),
  • op des Strooss in Heffingen (am),
  • route de Mersch in Kopstal (am),
  • rue de Roeser in Alzingen (pm),
  • on the N15 between Niederfeulen in Fuussekaul (pm),
  • rue Emile Mayrisch in Soleuvre (pm).

Have a good Thursday everyone!
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