Following the bloodshed in Gaza, Luxembourg's foreign minister Jean Asselborn has summoned the Israeli ambassador to Luxembourg.

On Monday 14 May, tensions around the inauguration of the United States embassy in Jerusalem led to conflict between Palestinians and the Israeli army, which resulted in 59 deaths in the Gaza strip. Eight of those deceased were minors.

Asselborn, who has long advocated the international recognition of Palestine, has already condemned Trump's idea of a peace plan in the Middle East.

The foreign minister has now had to summon the joint ambassador for Belgium and Luxembourg in Israel, Simona Frankel, in light of her comments on RBTF that the Palestinians that were killed were "all terrorists", including the children killed.

"Disproportionate use of force"

These comments did not go down well as it was the Israeli army which responded with gunfire as protesters attacked the security fence between the two territories and threw stones at soldiers.

The ambassador had already been summoned to the Belgian ministry of foreign affairs to receive a formal dressing down from minister Didier Reynders.

Now, it is time for her to face Asselborn who has condemned the "disproportionate use of force against Palestinian civilians".

The ministry of foreign affairs has emphasised that Luxembourg has "strongly condemned" the incident and has outlined that the violence used was unacceptable.