In just over two years, Luxembourg police and the customs and excise administration have had to dish out nearly 250 fines for people found to be polluting.

Responding to a parliamentary question posed by Max Hahn and Clauder Lamberty (DP), environment minister Carole Dieschbourg provided information on Tuesday concerning recent figures on pollution fines. In her answer, Dieschbourg confirmed that there had been many fines issued since 2016 served against those found guilty of polluting the environment and in particular, dumping rubbish in the wild (fly tipping).

Since the beginning of 2016, the customs and excise administration, alongside the Grand-ducal police, have distributed 247 'taxed warnings' of either €49, €145, or €250. The total of these warnings amounts to €27,760.

The Environment Agency also has a team that can fine people who are polluting.

Dieschbourg claimed that merely mentioning the existence of taxed warnings already has served as a deterrent and the effect on those who might pollute, particularly in the case of illegal incineration of waste, has seen a reduction in cases being brought to light.

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Mobilising residents

Dieschbourg also reminded parliament that residents have the power to report polluting acts that they deem to not be normal.

The Environment Agency's website has a page with explanations about pollution alongside a form to fill out.

This is available in French, but for those who only speak English, you can use MyGuichet to send in complaints concerning: