There were several accidents this morning, leading to injuries and traffic jams.

Two people were injured in the collision on Wednesday morning's collision just before 8.00am on the CR102 near Schoendels in the direction of Mersch.

The road had to be closed for ambulances and police to attend the scene of the accident, which led to tailbacks stretching all the way to the A7. The closure of the road lasted about one hour.

VIDEO: Crash on CR102 aftermath

At 9.20am, there was a further accident on the same road, which also led to more traffic delays.

The ACL confirmed that shortly after 10.00 the road was clear and the traffic was free-flowing once more.

There were more accidents this morning. One, an accident on the A6 toward Arlon involving several vehicles at just after 9.00am and one person was injured.

Another, at around 10.00am this morning, saw a car crash into the guardrail on the A4 in the direction of Luxembourg City. One person was injured in this incident.