The bad weather over Luxembourg on Monday evening flooded an area of Pfaffenthal, but this is no rare occurrence in this community in a valley.

The impressive photographs of the flooding in Pfaffenthal (see our national story in links box) have raised questions for the Luxembourg City's municipal government, which is now looking for answers.

It turns out that flooding is a regular and recurring phenomenon in the neighbourhood. City mayor Lydie Polfer Xavier visited the area on Tuesday to look at the flood aftermath.

She told an RTL reporter that "there was a lot of rain, yes, but that's nothing new. Given the scale of the flooding, there must be a problem, something else could be blocked in the pipes."

What's next? Find the problem. According to the opinion of the expert sent to the area is that the flooding is "abnormal" and that tests must be carried out in order to find out what's causing the flooding.
That's what area residents were hoping for, including one lady who told us that "the mayor has made us a promise" during her visit.