The cost of the government project to connect Clervaux to the N7 road via a connector road has more than doubled, it was reported Tuesday.

Back in 2011, the building project was expected to come in at around €33 million. The final bill for the project is expected to be closer to the €73 million mark. Connecting Clervaux to the N7 road is expected to bring down lorry traffic passing through Clervaux.

Projects should be monitored

Sustainability and infrastructure minister François Bausch explained to the parliamentary commission that projects should be more closely monitored in the future, in order to avoid overspending. In the case of the Clervaux project, a budgetary law must now be passed to enable the additional spending.

The additional costs are caused by the difficult, stony terrain surrounding Clervaux which seems to be causing engineers on the project considerable headaches. The construction has been under way for the past three years and is expected to be finished in four years.