A suspended sentence was the outcome of whistle-blower and former PwC employee Antoine Deltour's second appeal trial on Tuesday afternoon.

"We had a good run and, in the end, the court of cassation (highest appeal court) passed a sentence that will cause ripples for the foreseeable future! At least as long until the law we are all waiting for is passed!" said Deltour's lawyer Philippe Penning about the second verdict against his client in the LuxLeaks affair.

Suspended sentence

Deltour, a former PwC employee, was charged with stealing training documents. However, he ended up with a suspended sentence after his second appeal trial.

The verdict acknowledges some amount of wrongdoing on Deltour's part, but does not significantly punish him for his transgression. Deltour must only pay a symbolic euro to his former employer, PwC.

Deltour's lawyer Penning was happy with the verdict, as the sentence was exactly what he had been asking for.

Accepted whistle-blower status

The sentence will remain suspended as long as Deltour does not re-offend within the next three years. While the prosecution had asked for a fine, the court accepted Deltour's status as a whistle-blower and gave him a very lenient sentence.

After the highest appeal court (cour de cassation) overturned the appeal court's first verdict last year, this week's sentence finally brings an end to the LuxLeaks trials.