Luxembourg police have arrested the man who fled from them in a stolen car in the Ehlerange, Reckange, Wickrange area on Tuesday.

Luxembourg police had earlier Tuesday issued an alert that they were searching for a man who was on the run from them.

The now-deleted Luxembourg police tweet in English: "Search for fugitive man. Do not pick up hitchhikers, but call emergency services. Police are looking for a man in black, with a cap and jacket (inscription: Citabel) in the Ehlerange-Reckange-Wickrange area. All infos, call 113."

Described as wearing black clothes, a cap and a jacket with the Citabel logo on it, the man had stolen a car and when stopped had escaped on foot.

Man has been apprehended

According to a police statement, the thief first drew attention during a police check. But before officers could take a closer look at the man or the car, he had made off. While the vehicle was later found on the outskirts of Ehlange-sur-Mess, the man was nowhere to be seen.

The police started looking for the man and even sent police helicopters and sniffer dogs in pursuit of the criminal. The car thief was apprehended on Tuesday at around 3.15pm.

Tweet in English: "Fugitive caught - search stopped. The driver of a stolen vehicle who crashed in Ehlerange during his escape attempt and subsequently continued on foot was apprehended by police officers."