During their search for the driver who fled a police check, officers at first arrested the wrong driver on Saturday because he drove the same type of car.

Immediately after the driver tried to flee the police check, the officers pursuing the driver initially lost sign of his car. According to police, after racing away at very high speed towards Weiswampach, he parked at a service station in order to evade the police.

The crash that proved fatal for the police officer took place just further on. One of the two police cars had tried to make a turn.

The investigation to find the driver who had fled initially led to a butcher in Wemperhardt.

The man owns the same type of car - a blue Audi RS5 - as the real culprit.

The man, who was wrongfully arrested for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon, has since talked to RTL about his experience.

Two policemen came to the butcher's shop where the man has worked for 10 years in the Wemperhardt shopping centre. The police told the wrongfully accused man that he was under arrest because of his supposed involvement in the hit and run before taking him away in their cruiser.

The man said that the officers in question only tried to do their jobs, even if the experience of being arrested on false charges was very unpleasant to him. He was arrested at his workplace, taken away in handcuffs and subjected to alcohol and drug tests.

Am RTL-Interview mam Annick Goerens

From the man's workplace, police then took him back to his home at an hour where the neighbourhood was bustling and many people were out and about on the street. Their questioning went on for nearly two hours.

The man climbed out of the police van, still in handcuffs, and was seen by a number of his neighbours. Two plain clothes officers were already waiting in front of the man's home. For the next two hours, the wrongfully accused man was questioned by four officers, all the while protesting his innocence.

The man was exonerated by witness testimony.

Subsequently, images from a surveillance camera at the service station where the fleeing driver parked took the investigators in the right direction. Imagery from that camera established the driver was not alone in the car.

In his RTL interview, the man said that his experience made him feel like a common criminal.

Finally, on Saturday afternoon, the real culprit was arrested - a business owner from Luxembourg's north.

Placed before a judge the next day, the man admitted his actions. The Diekirch prosecutor related that the "man had admitted fleeing with his vehicle knowing that he had abused alcohol."

The police has since apologised for the mix-up with their initial arrest.

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